Tuesday, 11 April 2017

KB5RAB system image for Raspberry Pi 3

Good day to all,

I will be trying out a few operating system images with the Raspberry Pi 3 in the next few days.

The first custom made image I will try out is the one by KB5RAB, which has a bunch of amateur software pre-installed on it, including the MD-380 Tools package.

Here is the link to get the image, a 16 gig SD card is required for imaging it properly:

Filename is: KB5RAB_8gb_YSF_pixel_031817.zip

Here below are the release notes for this version of the image, along with everything that is included.
The Image supports DMR, DSTAR and Fusion and each mode can be enabled as desired.
Based off W1MSG Pi 3 Jessie Image. and includes the following: Now includes PIXEL Desktop.
MMDVMHost runs as a service and is set to auto start. Bluetooth disabled to allow DVMEGA to work on Pi GPIO pins and internal WIFI to function on a Pi3 . All log files needed from MMDVMHost, ircDDBgateway and YSFGateway to allow the dashboard to function are written to RAM disk.
Image may be updated periodically to contain the latest versions of the added software. I will keep the current link to the image in this file on BM3148 Facebook group.

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